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Consignment Note Books or Pads

Prices allow for printing on NCR paper (No Carbon Required) in triplicate or quad form. 

The consignment notes can be supplied as a book or padded where all sheets in a set are removed from the pad. In book form the pages to be removed are perforated.
Prices shown on this page are for the padded form.

The sheet sets are attached to a heavy backing cardboard using padding glue and self separating glue is applied to the end of the sheets so complete sets can be lifted and removed from the pad without having to check to see if all pages are present in the set before removing. The set is removed after being filled out in the normal way.

Included is a hinged, light cardboard backing sheet attached to the backing cardboard. Designed to stop the writing transferring to other sets in the book.

The pad sets are numbered consecutively with the same number on each page in a set.

Further configurations are available on request.

Please remember the template displayed here is a starting point in most cases. Ask for the changes that are required for your company's needs.

Consignment Note Books A5 005

Consignment Note Books A5 005
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