These books are printed as a custom Job. They are not preprinted.

You are able to have your logo on and have it edited for your needs

Skid-Steer Pre-Start Docket Combination A4 002

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Pre-Start Books

Prices allow for printing on NCR (No Carbon Required) in duplicate or triplicate form. The front sheet is the original and usually is perforated so it can be removed from the book.
The last sheet, usually not perforated so it can remain in the book.

The books are covered using heavy cardboard to protect them from the ruff and tumble of the working environment and have a robust cover opening hinge. Included is a hinged, light cardboard backing sheet attached to the back cover. Designed to stop the writing transferring to other sets in the book.

Consecutive numbering is offered as an option with each page in a set having the same number.

Further configurations are available on request.
Please remember the template displayed here is a starting point in most cases. Ask for the changes that are required for your company’s needs

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Number of Books

5, 10, 20, 30, 50

Number of sets in Book

50, 100

Duplicate or Triplicate

Duplicate, Triplicate


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