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Weed Hygiene & Wash Down A4 (Pre-printed)


Pre-start books are used to help track condition and the need for service of a machine, exposing defects before they can become damaging or hazardous.

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The books are printed in duplicate or triplicate form on NCR Paper.

The first sheet is the original office page and is perforated for removal.
The second sheet (if used) is also perforated for removal and is used as a feedback form from the service personel to the operator.
The last sheet in the set is fixed and remains in the book.
  • Sheet Size:


  • Pages:

    50 sets in each book.

  • Covers:

    .8mm thick celloglazed cardboard. Hinged front cover plus hinged fold in set separation plate attached to the back cover.

As an option you may have changes made to the document if you wish to personalise it with your company’s information and/or change check points.
An order of 10 books or more would be best with this option.
Please contact us to fill this need.


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Weight 650 g
Dimensions 330 × 230 × 10 mm


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